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The most important thing when planning a wedding (or any event) is to be organized; The best way to organize is with Seating Arrangement.

Whether you're a bride planning your own wedding day, or a professional with years of experience planning weddings and special events - Seating Arrangement can help!

What can Seating Arrangement do for you?

  • Design the floor plan
  • Manage the guest list
  • Assign seating
  • Generate reports
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How is Seating Arrangement better than other software?

  • Work online from any computer (yes, even a Mac)
  • No need to download anything
  • Collaborate with others
  • Easy to use
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Is Seating Arrangement for you?

Find out if Seating Arrangement is for you in two easy steps:

  1. Watch the overview video (it's only a minute)
  2. "Test Drive" Seating Arrangement in the live demo

Question: Is Seating Arrangement really free?
Answer: YES! You can plan your special day with Seating Arrangement for absolutely free. There are NO hidden costs of any kind.
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The Wedding Expert

The first time I got married I had to do all of the planning by hand - changes of the last minute were very stressful.

This time (I hope it's the last time) thanks to Seating Arrangement, planning my wedding was piece of cake! - Beverly Miller, Los Angeles
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