Frequently Asked Questions

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It's Free!

Q How much does Seating Arrangement cost?
A Seating Arrangement is a free wedding and event planning tool. It does NOT cost anything for you to use Seating Arrangement for planning your personal wedding or event.
Q Is Seating Arrangement really free or are there any hidden or future costs?
A Seating Arrangement is absolutely free for the end user who is planning his/her own event. There are NO hidden costs and even though we can not predict the future, there are no current plans to charge users for the use of Seating Arrangement.
Q Are you sure it's free? How can you afford to give it for free?
A Obviously we have a lot of expenses in developing and maintaining these tools and services. We can provide Seating Arrangement for free, however, thanks to sponsorships from some professionals in the wedding and event industry.

It's Easy to Use!

Q Can I run Seating Arrangement on a Mac?
A Yes. Seating Arrangement can run on any computer connected to the internet as long as it meets some basic minimum requirements.
Q I didn't receive my activation link. What should I do?
A It is very likely that our email with the activation link was blocked by a spam filter, either by your email software or by your incoming mail server. Make sure that our domain name (, or at least our Email address (, is white-listed in your mail settings.

Once you have ensured that, log into our system and click the link that reads Send Activation Link.

Q I need more screen space. What can I do?
A There are a few things you can do to utilize Seating Arrangement on screens that can not show all of the information that you want to see:
  • Hide the Task Manager - you can do that either by clicking the Task Manager button on the main toolbar, or uncheking the checkmark next to Task Manager in the View menu.
  • Switch to Full Screen mode - select View Full Screen from the View menu. Please note that Text Input is disabled in Full Screen mode so you can work with the mouse, but will not be able to enter any text.
  • Zoom Out - you can use the Zoom Out button when in Floor Plan or Assign Seating mode.
Q What are the computer's requirements for running Seating Arrangement?
A Seating Arrangement was designed to work on almost any computer, and chances are that your computer already meets the requirements, or can be easily upgraded to meet them with a couple of free downloads from the Internet.

The minimum requirements are a computer that's connected to the Internet, with a web browser that supports the following:

  • Javascript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Popup Blockers must be disabled, or at least our site must be "allowed" in the Popup Blocker's settings
  • Screen Resolution must be at least 1024x768 pixels
  • Flash Player 10 (or newer) must be installed as a browser plugin
  • Acrobat Reader 9 (or newer) must be installed as a browser plugin
  • Our support page's Minimum Requirements section can help you determine if your computer meets the minimum requirements.

Q Can I manage my project from more than one computer?
A Yes, but not at the same time, meaning that you can work on one computer, save your work, and then open the project on another computer and continue there. For example, you can work on your project from your office, save your work, and continue working seamlessly when you get home.

You have to be careful not to open the same project on more than one computer (or even more than one browser window on the same computer) at the same time though. If you do so, you run the risk of overwriting your work by saving the project from another computer.

Q How do I save my work with Seating Arrangement?
A Simply click on The Save button of the main toolbar, depicted by a Floppy Disk icon. Your project is then saved and stored on our servers and will be available for you the next time you log in to our system.
Q Is it possible to download Seating Arrangement for offline use?
A Not at this time. The only way to use Seating Arrangement is online through our website.
Q Can I share information about my project with others?
A Yes. Simply choose Generate Floor Plan Report (or any other report) from the Reports menu in Seating Arrangement. The report will be generated as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. Once the PDF file is opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can save it to your hard drive, print it, and/or email it to whoever you want.

My Projects FAQs

Q What is "Read Only Mode" in the View Column?
A Read Only Mode allows to view the Design Project page without the ability to save any changes. This is particularly useful when managing a project from more than one computer, as only one computer should have the project opened in Design Mode at any given time.
Q I already have the Guest List typed up. Can I import it?
A Yes. If you have your Guest List (or portions of it) already typed up, you can import it into Seating Arrangement and save a lot of time retyping it.

Users who are familiar with software like Microsoft Excel (or any spreadsheet type program) might find it easier to type the guest list into the spreadsheet and then import it into Seating Arrangement rather than type it into Seating Arrangement.

Q How do I import the Guest List?
A In order to import the Guest List, you must have your data in a TAB delimited Text file (also known as TAB separated Text file). This is a common file type and many software support it, or allow the data to be exported to it.

If your data is in a spreadsheet file you can most likely save it as a TAB delimited file directly from the spreadsheet program. In Microsoft Excel, for example, you go to File > Save As > Other Formats > and choose "Text (TAB delimited)" for the file type.

Once you have your data in the correct format, it is easy to import your guest list. We have created a video tutorial to show you the process.