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generating report
generating report 2 replies 09/23/2014 04:31
I'm able to generate report but the option won't work. Example if I ask for rsvp only the report ...
How Do I Print the Table Arrangements   09/19/2014 11:21
This might be a stupid question but I can't print the layout of my table arrangement I've created......
I Can't Save to a PDF 2 replies 09/13/2014 06:11
Hey guys, I can no longer save my floor plan as a PDF, and it doesn't seem like anyone is helping ...
Working OffLine   09/11/2014 09:17
Is this software available off-line? Thanks, Parallax1957
Cannot print floorplan   09/08/2014 12:49
Hi! I am new to this site and this program. I just started today and already I have a major issue - ...
Assigning Guests to Tables   09/02/2014 21:04
I don't see how to actually assign the guests to a certain table. When I click on assign seats, I ...
Can't change into metrics
Can't change into metrics   09/02/2014 05:34
Hi! I'm trying to change floor plan measurement type, but it doesn't allow me to click on Metric. ...
M. Williamson
Printing/saving floor plans 1 reply 08/21/2014 09:50
I was able to save my floor plans by using the "Snipping" tool in Windows. Was able to save as a ...
RSVP Cards   08/05/2014 19:48
My RSVP cards are showing the year 2000 even though the rsvp date I have input is for 2014. Does ...
Erin R
Meal Option   08/04/2014 15:03
Is it possible to assign a meal option to each quest? I want to customize the place cards based on ...