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Error 1088   05/20/2017 02:38
Same issue. Hard stop for planning.
Make It Pop
Error #1088   05/12/2017 15:43
I made sure to save my project after ever 3 guest entered, only to encounter the dreaded error 1088 ...
Import from Excel 1 reply 05/06/2017 12:53
I imported my guest list from excel. Got to stage 4 where it said 147 records imported but the ...
Primary Groups   05/03/2017 14:19
Is there a way to edit the primary groups? We do not host weddings, but we do museum events and I ...
Any other good floor plan sites? 2 replies 03/03/2017 19:02
Anyone know any other sites or programs that are good for making floor plans? It seems the creators ...
Hours of Work Lost   02/10/2017 17:24
Received same error message, lost complete event.
Can not view Pdf reports 1 reply 02/08/2017 17:11
Hi Am i Doing somthing Wrong? every time i generate a floor plan report it appears to process but ...
Error #1088, TypeError: Error #1088 null   02/07/2017 21:00
Can't retrieve saved project due to Error. I can't search the 37 pages of comments to see if you've ...
Alan Browne
How do I delete my account?   01/24/2017 13:20
How do I delete my account?
error message   01/20/2017 02:04
Every time I try to get my floor plan, I keep getting an error message saying Error #1088, ...