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Frozen Account   02/04/2014 14:20
My design project froze and so I closed out of Safari, I started Safari again, went to the website ...
Progressive Dinner Seating Arrangements   02/02/2014 15:12
I am hosting a 120+ dinner event and couples rotate after each course (salad, dinner, dessert) so i ...
Floor Plan   01/18/2014 10:31
If I set room dimensions and table dimensions is the bubble around the table representing the space ...
can i click a table to see who is seated on that table? i used to be able to do this%2   01/12/2014 19:11
can i click on a table to see who is seated on it? it gave me this option 4 years ago...
error 0#   01/08/2014 03:09
Error #0 when i click on design it doesn't load. i get this error message: Error #0, Error: Error ...
event other than weddings   12/19/2013 14:06
We hold many events throughout the year, but are largest is a dinner with two sometimes three meal ...
Deleted Document   12/14/2013 08:39
I deleted a project by mistake, how do I get it back?
Upload floor plan   12/03/2013 18:12
Hi!! I have an empty floor plan from my venue. Can I upload it and then add the tables, etc?
Please delete my account   11/21/2013 09:09
Your program gives me an error message when i access it . Please delete my account
Can't seat guests!   11/16/2013 20:04
When I try to seat my guests, nothing is happening? Anyone know how to assign seats?