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Question about location   05/15/2015 03:50
Hi- This might sound petty to some, but I'm trying to plan a wedding in Taiwan and the location ...
delete account   05/09/2015 05:42
Hello, Could someone direct me on how to delete my account? Thank you.
Edit Address for guest
Edit Address for guest   04/24/2015 10:47
How do you edit your guest address?
Guest Groups   04/21/2015 15:43
I'm planning an event, not a wedding, that has a host for each guest group/table. Is there a way to ...
Printing floor plan 3 replies 04/21/2015 11:04
I have tried various ways to print the floor plan without success. How do I go about doing this?
Guest list 1 reply 04/07/2015 03:56
Is there any way to upload a list of guests that are in excel or word?
CANT CREATE A LAYOUT   03/09/2015 18:40
HI! I don´t know why i can´t create a layout i already upload my guest list but i want the layout ...
Importing Guestlist is not working   03/05/2015 12:28
"Row number 37 was not imported" Majority of my guest are not being imported, not sure what I'm ...
Floor Plan 1 reply 02/23/2015 15:39
If I set room dimensions and table dimensions is the bubble around the table representing the space ...
Measure Type Metric in Floor plan.   02/19/2015 14:13
Hola, Im from Mexico, how can I change the measurement type to metric. It doesnt give me the option.