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look for limousine services for my wedding   08/24/2016 10:14
I want to rent a executive chauffeured limousine services for my wedding. I want it to take us from ...
1088 project corrupted by generate reports   08/22/2016 22:26
Hi, I know you said to check the other articles but you have 26 pages on unsearchable support ...
Error message   08/21/2016 14:24
I tried emailing info and posting about this site with absolutely no response. No one is monitoring ...
Project lost - error 1088 - Null - unable to retrieve   08/21/2016 13:43
I just noted that numerous people are having the same issue. We spend hours doing our layout - save ...
URGENT: PROJECT LOST   08/17/2016 04:33
Is anyone able to recover my project? Burning the midnight oil for a wedding tomorrow and I just ...
Error #1088
I can't wait months for a response - please answer!! 1 reply 08/08/2016 03:59
Error #1088, TypeError: Error #1088 null when I try to do anything. My entire project is in here ...
can't begin project 1 reply 08/03/2016 15:02
Error #1090, TypeError: Error #1090 - What's the problem?
Site SUCKS 1 reply 07/26/2016 11:17
Spent 2 hours typing all my guests in, saved it many times then all of a sudden it crashes and says ...
Event 3 replies 07/14/2016 01:04
When I try to open my floor plan I keep receiving the error message below:( Error #1088, TypeError: ...
j sharp
printing   07/11/2016 21:12
Your software is terrible. I've tried to print screen as instructed and it won't work, and you ...