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unseating guests   06/04/2015 15:03
Hello, I have been trying to 'unseat all guests' as there is actually an option for that and it ...
Primary Group   06/04/2015 08:55
How do I add primary groups? This is greyed out. For my event, I 3 tier assignments: Primary Group,...
Deleting Exit   06/03/2015 20:43
I designed a floor plan, including exits. I need to resize the room, but cannot remove the exits so ...
Error message #0, #2032   05/25/2015 08:28
I get the following error whenever I try to manage a project. Error #0, Error: Error loading Ads ...
error #1095   05/23/2015 21:52
When I try to design a project I get: Error #1095, TypeError: Error #1095 null I did a lot ...
Question about location   05/15/2015 03:50
Hi- This might sound petty to some, but I'm trying to plan a wedding in Taiwan and the location ...
delete account   05/09/2015 05:42
Hello, Could someone direct me on how to delete my account? Thank you.
Edit Address for guest
Edit Address for guest   04/24/2015 10:47
How do you edit your guest address?
Guest Groups   04/21/2015 15:43
I'm planning an event, not a wedding, that has a host for each guest group/table. Is there a way to ...
Printing floor plan 3 replies 04/21/2015 11:04
I have tried various ways to print the floor plan without success. How do I go about doing this?