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My project doesn't appear 1 reply 03/26/2014 12:47
Hello, When I log in and I want to see my project, the screen stays blue-black and the project ...
Collaboration with the other side 1 reply 03/26/2014 12:45
I am the father of the groom. I would like to provide access to the father of the bride, so he can ...
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Creating Head Tables 1 reply 03/20/2014 11:03
Is there a way to create Head Tables that show the individuals seated only on one side of the table?
Splitting groups   03/20/2014 10:59
I have a couple where only one can attend. I don't want to delete the one who can't attend but I ...
Seating groups of guests   03/20/2014 10:46
If I add a family to the guest list under one group name and designate some of the kids as seated ...
Help   03/07/2014 11:26
Why cant I print out place cards for the guest that are arriving with more than one person, the ...
Error #1088 1 reply 02/17/2014 05:47
Please help. I lost my guest list of 320 pax. There is a message on Error Occurred. Error #1088. ...
Site Keeps Freezing   02/05/2014 06:40
I love this site, but it constantly freezes and I lose my work. I try to save very often, but it is ...
Frozen Account   02/04/2014 14:20
My design project froze and so I closed out of Safari, I started Safari again, went to the website ...
Progressive Dinner Seating Arrangements   02/02/2014 15:12
I am hosting a 120+ dinner event and couples rotate after each course (salad, dinner, dessert) so i ...