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Guest List   08/02/2015 19:49
How can I add list individually and not in a group? Thank you
Lauren Thoman
meal choice   07/29/2015 13:17
Hi- when a guest RSVP's is there a way to track what meal they selected so I can run a report of ...
question   07/19/2015 11:28
How can I delete and/or remove my guestlist?
Account Options
Delete Account   07/13/2015 12:40
Please delete my account. Thank you
guest list   07/08/2015 09:42
I can't see more than the first 11 groups I've created. Also, I can't seat anyone.
Print Report 5 replies 06/12/2015 12:54
When I generate a report, it says it is creating the PDF file but then nothing happens. How can we ...
floor plan   06/11/2015 10:28
how do i print out the floor plan i cant find it anywhere after it generates a report
Show RSVP guests only   06/11/2015 01:27
Hi, I am doing the seating assignment & I cannot click on the "Show RSVP guests only" button. It ...
unseating guests   06/04/2015 15:03
Hello, I have been trying to 'unseat all guests' as there is actually an option for that and it ...
Primary Group   06/04/2015 08:55
How do I add primary groups? This is greyed out. For my event, I 3 tier assignments: Primary Group,...