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Placing Chairs only   07/18/2013 10:46
Hello I would like to use this as well for the set up of my ceremony as well as the reception... is ...
Menu Choices   07/08/2013 10:50
I have 2 meal choices, how do I record meal choices with guest/party?
How to unlock in order to edit   07/05/2013 15:36
How do I unlock a previous arrangement so I can edit it?
Lisa D
Password Change   07/03/2013 23:05
How can I change my password?
Jessica Trumble
Delete Account   06/14/2013 14:59
Can I please have my account deleted. I am not happy with the program. Thank you.
Katie N
to scale 1 reply 06/06/2013 22:32
i just want to triple check that everything is to scale.....can someone reconfirm with me?
Can't Unseat or Delete Guests? 1 reply 05/30/2013 16:47
I was having a bit oftrouble with the floorplan yesterday evening so decided to delete all tables ...
Problems Generating Floor Plan Report 6 replies 05/17/2013 12:14
I can't figure out why I can't generate a floor plan report - all the other reports work just fine ...
Guests sorted by Social Group then Primary Group   05/17/2013 02:49
Can guests be sorted by Social Group folders then Primary Group before names in the assign seating ...
First Name, Last Name   05/16/2013 09:43
Is it possible to input first name and last names separately, and to have the report generate guest ...