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Changing User Login account name   10/13/2013 12:51
Is there a way to change a login Account name to a different login Account name?
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Sharing "Project databases" with others   10/13/2013 12:48
Is there a way to save a "Project" to a database file and have another user import this database ...
Delete account   10/10/2013 03:43
Please delete my account. Thank you
Delete My Account   10/06/2013 14:29
Please and thank you!
Guest List   09/24/2013 11:08
I'm trying to download my guest list from a excel file but it's not coming out in English...some ...
Delete Account   09/20/2013 07:42
I'd like my account deleted please. Thanks.
Edit Floor Plan - Change to Metric?   09/11/2013 21:27
Hi - I'd like to enter all the measurements in Metric (not Imperial: feet & inches). The metric ...
API   09/08/2013 20:11
Hi, is there a way we could link this seating software to my google website? an API that we could ...
Account   08/21/2013 01:41
Could you please delete my account. Unfortunately this website is not really helping me. Many ...
Website keeps freezing   08/19/2013 13:32
I'm in the middle of seating arrangements and the website continues to freeze. I have to keep ...