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CAD   02/20/2013 12:23
Can I import a CAD floor plan from a venue to this program? and then work off that?
Options unavailable   02/13/2013 07:16
Some options are unavailable (greyed) : - Seat children separately and Primary group names edition ...
Problem with current resolution 1 reply 02/07/2013 21:12
Why is this a problem? The minimum screen resolution required is 1024x768. Your current screen ...
PRINTABLE   01/30/2013 20:30
Is the seating arrangement/floor plan printable?
Floor Plan   01/18/2013 15:54
I'm trying to delete the floor plan I started without having to erase everything.
security   01/15/2013 06:45
Since this is an online program, how secure is the event and guest information I enter?
Floor space   11/18/2012 11:54
How much floor space is allowed in your template for a rectangular table. In other words, how much ...
GLBT Travel Expo
error message   11/14/2012 09:19
when i click on design it doesn't load. i get this error message: Error #0, Error: Error loading ...
Menu options   11/12/2012 07:52
I have two menu options entered for dinner. When a guest RSVPs where do I enter their menu choice ...
Personal data disclusre   11/05/2012 20:09
Please declare that all information that I input in the system will not be used for another ...