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Delete account   08/05/2013 01:21
Could you please delete my account? This programme cannot help me. Thank you.
Password   08/04/2013 19:48
Hello, How can I change my log-in password to access to my projects?
How to add guests to guest list   07/30/2013 10:04
New and having trouble getting around the site. Cannot see the tutorials clearly and I have no ...
Generate Floor Plan with Guest
Generate Floor Plan with Guest   07/29/2013 16:28
I am trying to Generate a floor plan with my guests at each table. It is not loading with the ...
Changing guest seating   07/29/2013 16:14
How do I move a guest to another table without deleting and adding their name again?
importing list   07/23/2013 15:40
my original list is in format: Salutation, Last name, First name, companion, address. How do I ...
Guest replie cards   07/20/2013 22:58
The date on my replie cards gives the year 2000 how can i change that? also can i add text?
Delete my account please   07/18/2013 14:42
kindly delete my account this program isnt helping me at all.
Placing Chairs only   07/18/2013 10:46
Hello I would like to use this as well for the set up of my ceremony as well as the reception... is ...
Menu Choices   07/08/2013 10:50
I have 2 meal choices, how do I record meal choices with guest/party?