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Guest list   03/11/2012 20:23
Hi, i have entered all my guests but when i did i did not put addresses in.I now have all that info ...
thank you!!!   02/20/2012 10:23
Thank you website developers for fixing this wonderful web site!!! Please keep it up and running. ...
Need to Generate Guest List!!!! 1 reply 02/16/2012 14:04
I've been trying to generate a guest list for some time now. It keeps saying error. Please help! I ...
Guest Reports 4 replies 02/12/2012 06:35
I also get error messages when I try to generate guest list reports of any kind. Please help!!!
Floor Plan - PDF Generator Not WORKING!!! 2 replies 02/09/2012 11:45
Everyone else still having the issue where the PDF generator won't work? It's been several weeks ...
report not working   02/07/2012 02:19
Has this been resovled yet? If not i'm very disappointed in the site and the lack of effort to ...
Floor Plan - PDF Generator Not WORKING!!! 10 replies 02/06/2012 03:57
Anyone else try to export a PDF of their floor plan (multiple times) and it shows: Unable to ...
Dream Events
Can't generate a floorplan in PDF   02/02/2012 13:14
please help!!!!
Cant print guest list   01/17/2012 02:02
Cant print guest list for the last few days..error keeps coming up..please help,only 7 weeks left ...
Can't Print   01/12/2012 06:52
I Can't print out my guest list for the second day- please help, I'm on a deadline- thanks!!