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Guest List   01/11/2012 08:01
Every time I go and try to generate a guest list report I get an error? I tried about 5 times today....
Generate Floor Plan PDF   12/29/2011 14:53
Cant generate floor plan pdf again... Please Help me!
are you able to plan for an outdoor wedding
Outdoor floor plan with tents???   12/04/2011 04:14
hey anyone know if this program can be arranged for a floor plan that would be outside and if so ...
About seating arrangement source code   12/04/2011 04:03
Hi all,is it possible to get the source code of this software?.If so please help.I will appreciate ...
Moving objects 2 replies 08/24/2011 23:07
I am unable to move objexts on the floor plan. ie dance floor tables etc. Frustrated!
Generating Reports on a Mac 1 reply 08/09/2011 20:56
Hello Ive been trying to generate reports, like the guest list report, or mailing labels, but it ...
label template 1 reply 07/16/2011 03:36
Hi, I'm having difficulty printing the guest list pdf on Avery labels. Is there any way to export ...
Error Saving   07/08/2011 14:38
I'm trying to save my project, but each time I save it, it throws a time out error. (An error ...
IPAD   06/27/2011 23:44
how can i use this software in my ipad?
Assigned seating for Different Sized Tables 1 reply 06/23/2011 14:36
My Fiance and I are planning our wedding ourselves. I came across this site and I'm very impressed ...