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Upload floor plan   12/03/2013 18:12
Hi!! I have an empty floor plan from my venue. Can I upload it and then add the tables, etc?
Can't seat guests!   11/16/2013 20:04
When I try to seat my guests, nothing is happening? Anyone know how to assign seats?
Error #0 2 replies 11/10/2013 17:28
when i click on design it doesn't load. i get this error message: Error #0, Error: Error loading ...
Seating Arrangement   11/02/2013 11:57
Hi,I really hope you continue to develop this app as it has tremendous potential. (Software Project ...
Import Guest List in Traditional Chinese   10/17/2013 21:01
Hi, Just wondering could this software possible import the guest list in Traditional Chinese? ...
Delete whole guest list   10/16/2013 14:59
How can I delete a whole guest list?
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Changing User Login account name   10/13/2013 12:51
Is there a way to change a login Account name to a different login Account name?
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Sharing "Project databases" with others   10/13/2013 12:48
Is there a way to save a "Project" to a database file and have another user import this database ...
Delete account   10/10/2013 03:43
Please delete my account. Thank you
Delete My Account   10/06/2013 14:29
Please and thank you!