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Ipad   07/22/2012 11:58
can seating arrangement works on my ipad. I tried but it's not allowing me
Generate Reports   07/10/2012 13:26
I am trying to generate a report but it does not show all of the guest listed in the report. Also ...
Come and Play Beauty Sense 1 On 1 Game
Come and Play Beauty Sense 1 On 1 Game   07/04/2012 23:28
I have just played an online game called "Beauty Sense 1 on 1" at http://www.21shoppers....
emailing the floor plan 1 reply 06/19/2012 12:31
how do I email the floor plan to the bride?
Guest List Report 1 reply 06/19/2012 12:29
When I try to generate a guest list report my computer wanted to know what program to open up. It ...
Importing Guestlist 1 reply 06/19/2012 12:27
When I try to import guestlist it says i must first close project - but it isn't open! Any advice?
gunshow floorplan   06/17/2012 09:33
I get an error message when I start Error #0, Error: Error loading Ads data: Error #2032 null ...
Craig Yeates
Metric   06/13/2012 00:32
Hi there, The Metric option is gray'd out - any clues please ....
when will i be able to work with metric?   06/03/2012 06:53
I need to create a floor plan using metric measurements. However the metric button is disabled. ...
Metric measurement type   05/11/2012 09:02
Can you please tell me how I can edit the measurement type for editing of the floor plan from ...