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Metric measurement type 1 reply 05/11/2012 04:21
Can you please tell me how I can edit the measurement type for editing of the floor plan from ...
Download   05/09/2012 14:13
Where do I download??
cannot unseat guests   04/29/2012 10:24
Hello I deleted tables by mistake, and now I cannot unseat the guests who were sitting at thesde ...
Adjusting space around tables 1 reply 04/23/2012 17:51
Is there a way to increase the outer circle around each table to allow for more space between ...
Imagine Events
Exporting, emailing and saving floor plans as pdf's   04/20/2012 13:08
How do I export, email or save a floor plan as a pdf file? I would like to email my bride a draft ...
Hope Admin
Change Password   04/18/2012 16:59
I need to change my password, how can I do this?
bg designs
Lounge furniture available in floor plan?   04/17/2012 13:28
I am an event planner and am considering using seating arrangement but I create a lot of events ...
jennifer Ganino
Tried to create labels and I get this error code 3 days in a row.   04/17/2012 08:58
An error occured An error has occured while processing your request. The error has been logged and ...
Pop up blocker   04/05/2012 09:40
I have turned off my pop up blocker and have included your website as acceptable. I still keep ...
Guest List   04/05/2012 09:35
I am using this program for both the wedding and the shower. Is there a way to use my current guest ...