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Problems Generating Floor Plan Report 6 replies 05/17/2013 12:14
I can't figure out why I can't generate a floor plan report - all the other reports work just fine ...
Guests sorted by Social Group then Primary Group   05/17/2013 02:49
Can guests be sorted by Social Group folders then Primary Group before names in the assign seating ...
First Name, Last Name   05/16/2013 09:43
Is it possible to input first name and last names separately, and to have the report generate guest ...
Cant assign seating 3 replies 04/24/2013 10:25
I imported guest list with 399 guests and 40 tables. I can't assign the guests to the table. When ...
Delete Entire Guest List?   04/18/2013 22:48
I have imported a Guest list that is incorrect, is there a way to delete the whole guest list?
RSVP   04/06/2013 12:59
How do I RSVP that someone has said NO!?
Rotate long tables
Rotate long tables   03/28/2013 00:17
is there any way we can rotate the tables
Dan Harrold
Export Guest List with Adresses for Shower   03/26/2013 17:59
I wish there was a way to export to Excel for the wedding shower.
Guest list names   03/23/2013 07:54
i edited the names of the guest to greek and now its been a bunch of gibberish...
Denise W
importing guest list 1 reply 03/22/2013 10:51
I am unable to import the guest list. I am unable to get anything to show for the tutorials but ...