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IPAD   06/27/2011 23:44
how can i use this software in my ipad?
Assigned seating for Different Sized Tables 1 reply 06/23/2011 14:36
My Fiance and I are planning our wedding ourselves. I came across this site and I'm very impressed ...
Font SIze for address labels   06/21/2011 14:29
Is there a way to increase the font size when printing the address labels?
Unable to Delete Guest   06/21/2011 08:16
My first problem is the glitch where if you seat someone and you delete the table it will not print ...
The stressed bride
assigning seating   06/12/2011 16:09
hi, I dont seem to be able to assign seating. My guests have been allocated to groups correctly, ...
guest list   06/07/2011 13:31
Hello. i need to print comprehensive guest list, including people'sguests. when i run report only ...
Event Type 1 reply 06/01/2011 16:15
Hello, Can anyone tell me if this software can be used for an event other than a wedding? I am ...
Error #0, Error: Error loading Ads data: Error #2032 null   05/30/2011 16:20
Got this on FF 4.0.1 on Mac when trying to load project. On Safari on the Mac, I do not see any ...
Adding text 1 reply 05/24/2011 17:56
I would like to add text to the tables on the floor plan, When selecting the (T) it is adding an ...
Changing Tables 1 reply 05/24/2011 17:54
Is there an easy way to change your rectangle tables to round without redoing the whole thing?