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Rachel Hoang
Renting Affordable drapes, seat covers and Backdrops 1 reply 10/29/2010 08:52
I am looking for a local contact who rents drapes, seat covers and backdrops for weddings in the ...
Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement
Test-1 3 replies 10/28/2010 16:36
Test 1
Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement
Seated Guest 1 reply 10/28/2010 15:44
While I am on the assign seating page, is there a way to go back and see who is sitting at what ...
Customized Reports 1 reply 10/28/2010 14:44
Can I customize my reports with my logo?
menu options 1 reply 10/28/2010 11:02
is there anyway to make the guest menu ... for example chose Mrs. Perez chose lasagna and sr. Perez ...
blank purple screen 1 reply 10/28/2010 10:58
when I try to design a project, I get a blank screen. I have Adobe Flash installed, but it doesn't ...
Blank purple screen 2 replies 10/25/2010 17:30
Hi Jay. My event is this weekend. I started assigning seating last night and today when I try to ...
floor plan 1 reply 10/23/2010 22:30
how do i change my floor plan to 60 by 30? everytime i try to save that change it says it cant be ...
Importing Guest List 1 reply 10/22/2010 15:45
Hi, My guest list won't import either...comes up with - Import Guest List Step 4 of 4 - ...
RSVP Bug 1 reply 10/18/2010 23:28
Hi, It doesn't seem like the RSVP bug has been fixed yet. Hope you guys get rid of that bug ...