Why Richard mille watches are so expensive
When it comes to Richard's watches, some people are completely unaware of the existence of this brand. In this issue, Hongjie Watches will spread the history of Richard Miller watches, their models, and their movements. , Its craftsmanship ... in many ways, etc. Richard Miller is a very young watch brand. It was born from 1999 to 20, but the brand is now very famous in the bezel, especially the rich people of the stars. Many people may not know anything about this brand, but after reading this article, you will be impressed with it. Speaking of Richard Miller, anyone who knows him will blurt out "expensive", which is too expensive.
Hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands of watches are more common in fine watchmaking, but you know that the cheapest Richard Miller watches cost hundreds of thousands of dollars! The average price of all watches is about 1.2 million, is it right? Due to the high price, Richard Miller is also known as a "billionaire's ticket", please note that it is a billionaire, so multi-millionaires and millionaires must still consider Richard ยท Richard Miller. If this is a brand with a long history and exquisite craftsmanship, it is that few people in the past have said that the high-tech products sold at such a high price.But how Richard De Miller, a young brand under 20, did it. The founder of Richard Mille, named after himself, said that my goal was to make Formula 1 cars in the watch industry. Until the end of 2005, from the design concept of watchmaking materials to the watch Part of the look and performance is closely related to the precise design of the Formula One car. It is similar to the gear of a car, with three positions of winding, timing and neutral, reducing the impact of winding or timing on the movement of the movement.
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