OSRS Smithing Guide 2020
Old School RuneScape is a medieval fantasy game. As such, it borrows many medieval themes: castles, knights, kings, etc. Blacksmithing was essential in the medieval period and so is Smithing in OSRS. Smithing is especially important for melee fighters because it provides them with armor and weapons, but is not limited to them. Since the role of Smithing in OSRS is important, we have decided to make this guide in the hopes of helping you to level up Smithing and joining the ranks of accomplished level 99 Smithing masters!

Firstly, when leveling up Smithing, especially if side by side with its close friend Mining, you will need to divide the tasks. It is inefficient to smelt bars and craft them into items in one go. There is a reason why individual artisans were mostly pushed out by larger and more organized manufactories that adopted the division of labor.

Secondly, you need the necessary materials. Metal bars are made by smelting ores. From bronze to runite bars, all require the corresponding metal ores (except in the case of bronze) and in many cases coal. If you have stockpiled ores when leveling Mining, they will come in handy right now.

Thirdly, no artisan can work without tools and blacksmiths are no exception. To smelt metal ores you need a furnace and to forge these chunks of metal into something useful you need a hammer and a conveniently located anvil. A very popular furnace due to its close proximity to the bank is in Edgeville. The closest anvil to a bank is located in Varrock, just south of the western bank. There are other, more specific tools, which will be described later.

The Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is a sort of minigame that requires some running around instead of just clicking a button and waiting for your character to smelt the ores into metal bars. It is a prime choice for any smith who strives for efficiency since it requires half the standard amount of coal to smelt a bar. To access this center of smelting industry you must first start The Giant Dwarf quest to enable access to Keldagrim.
The Blast Furnace does not have a minimum Smithing level requirement, however, until level 60 Smithing, you will need to pay 2.5k coins every 10 minutes you use it. To access the Blast Furnace for free you need the aforementioned level 60 Smithing and partial completion of The Giant Dwarf quest. The Blast Furnace is complex and thus has lots of mechanisms. In order to avoid operating them all on your own, you will need to pay the ever-charitable dwarves a fee of 72k/hr and that only on dedicated Blast Furnace worlds. Once you pay the dwarves, you will only need to put the required materials on the Conveyor Belt and collect the resulting metal bars from the dispenser. WARNING! The fresh out of dispenser bars are extremely hot and you must either wait for them to cool off or use a bucket of water or equip Ice gloves.
Using the Blast Furnace is equal parts smithing and exercise. You will be more efficient if you bring some energy drinks in the form of Stamina potions and wear weight-reducing gear such as the Graceful outfit.
Smithing Items

Ice gloves are important when using the Blast Furnace. And use it you will, because it is the most efficient way to level up Smithing. Ice gloves are dropped by the Ice Queen in White Wolf Mountain. To get to her lair you need level 50 Mining. The gloves are worth getting for many other uses besides the Blast Furnace and can be obtained with a skiller account.

Goldsmith gauntlets are one of the rewards from Family Crest quest. When worn, they increase your experience gained from smelting Gold bars from 22.5 per unit to 56.2 per unit. This is 2.497 times more experience. They are essential for players who wish to level up Smithing as efficiently as possible.

Coal bag can be obtained from Prospector Percy’s Nugget Shop for 100 gold nuggets. Gold nuggets are obtained from the pay-dirt mined in the Motherlode Mine. Having a Coal bag is essential for miners and smiths alike because you can store 27 pieces of coal in this spacious bag. Having a Smithing cape equipped somehow expands it to 36 slots. Furthermore, any coal that is inside a Coal bag does not burden your character with additional weight, which only adds to our suspicion that Santa Claus is real and he uses this bag. Remember what Santa gives to naughty children?

Ring of forging is extremely useful when smelting Iron bars at a normal furnace (such as the one in Edgeville). By default, when using a normal forge, you only have a 50% chance of smelting Iron bars. The ring increases this chance to 100%. It has 140 charges and once they are expended the Ring of forging crumbles into dust.

Varrock armor is a piece of gear that provides bonuses for both Mining and Smithing. All tiers provide a bonus chance of 10% to smelt 2 bars at once. With Varrock armor 1 this effect applies for metals up to Steel, while the highest tier Varrock armor 4 extends the 10% bonus chance to any kind of metal bar. Note that Varrock armor only works when using the furnace in Edgeville.

The free-to-play portion of this guide is pretty straightforward. To get a significant boost in Smithing level you should complete the Knight’s Sword quest. Completing the quest will grant you 12,725 Smithing XP which will boost you from level 1 Smithing to 29.
Alternatively, you can start by simply smelting bronze bars.
Once you reach level 29 Smithing you can smith Bronze platebodies until level 33 Smithing.
From level 33 Smithing to level 48 smelt Iron ore into Iron bars with Ring of forging equipped.
From level 48 Smithing to level 68 smith Steel platebodies.
From level 68 Smithing to level 88 make Mithril platebodies.
From level 88 Smithing to level 99 forge Adamant platebodies.

As you can see, training Smithing in F2P can be overwhelmingly tedious. It is never too late to become a member and it’s cheaper than ever – all you need to do is to buy OSRS bond!

An alternative method for F2P players to gain Smithing XP while earning gold is to forge Rune 2h swords. You unlock the ability to make them at level 99 Smithing but by drinking a flagon of Dwarven stout you can boost your Smithing level by +1 and thus start forging Rune 2h swords once you reach level 98 Smithing.

Pay-to-Play Smithing
Level 1-37 Smithing

Questing is always a good alternative if not only for XP gains then also for additional game features some quests unlock. Quests are almost always worth completing, the only question is when it is optimal to do so. The Knight’s Sword was mentioned in the F2P part of this guide. P2P players also have access to such quests as Elemental Workshop 1 and 2, The Giant Dwarf, Heroes’ Quest and it is also recommended to complete Pirate Pete subquest from Recipe for Disaster. Completing The Knight’s Sword quest alone gives plenty of XP, but we also strongly recommend to complete The Giant Dwarf or at least complete it partially to be granted access to the Blast Mine.

Level 1-15 Smithing

For those who decided that they will put off questing for later the only option left is to make Bronze platebodies, same as for F2P players.

Level 15-30 Smithing

Same deal as before, forge another batch of platebodies, but this time Iron platebodies instead of Bronze. If you plan to make the bars yourself and not buy them, make sure to have Ring of forging equipped.

Level 30-40 Smithing

Enter the Blast Furnace! Now the real fun begins. From level 30 Smithing to level 40 Smithing make Steel bars in the Blast Furnace. Make sure to be wearing Ice gloves or you will get burned! Having a Coal bag is also strongly recommended as it is basically a second inventory dedicated just for Coal.

Level 40-99 Smithing

Once you hit level 40 Smithing you unlock the full potential of the Blast Furnace. Well, there are some other prerequisites as well, which we have mentioned in the Blast Furnace section of this guide. From level 40 Smithing to level 99 Smithing your best choice in terms of XP is to smelt Gold bars using Goldsmith gauntlets and Ice gloves. Ice gloves are needed to take the hot Gold bars from the dispenser while Goldsmith gauntlets improve your XP rates. This method is not even worth doing without them. To make use of this effect, you need to wear Goldsmith gauntlets when Smithing XP is calculated. This occurs a couple of seconds after putting Gold ore onto the Conveyor belt. To be safe, only swap Goldsmith gauntlets for Ice gloves when taking out Gold bars and equip Goldsmith gauntlets back.

Alternative Smithing Leveling Methods

The methods mentioned above are the most effective. However, smelting Gold bars using the Blast Furnace can prove costly. You can remedy that by buying OSRS gold or by taking up different methods that involve a certain degree of money-making and also provide precious Smithing XP. Spoiler alert: buying OSRS gold is still a much quicker way to get level 99 Smithing and acquire Smithing skillcape…

Level 35 Smithing

The good old Cannonball smelting reporting for duty! This is an old method that has been in use since dwarves created their multicannon. You can smelt Steel bars into Cannonbals for profit, but not before you complete the Dwarf Cannon quest. This method is guaranteed to make money, although Cannonball price can fluctuate somewhat. While the profit is guaranteed, the XP rates are downright horrible.

Level 54 Smithing

While the option of forging Dart tips can be considered throughout the whole leveling process we recommend starting with Mithril dart tips at level 54 Smithing. This is a decent method to make money while training Smithing and is also favorable to those multitaskers who like to watch a show on the side when playing OSRS since the method is pretty AFKable. At higher levels, you can start making higher tier Dart tips like Adamant and Rune.

Level 85 Smithing

At level 85 Smithing you can start smelting Runite ore and Coal into Runite bars at the Blast Furnace. The method is the same as with Gold bars, the only difference is that the XP rates are not ideal. However, you will be earning gold at around 800k to 1.5m per hour while still gaining Smithing XP, so it’s really nothing to scoff at.

We hope that this OSRS Smithing guide will help you to get that stylish Smithing skillcape and prove to all of Gielinor that you are a true master artisan. Always remember to check item prices on the Grand Exchange if your goal is to make money: prices fluctuate every day and even during the day. In case you smelt so many metal bars that there is no place in your bank, sell OSRS gold to free up some space for those bulky chunks of earth’s treasure!

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