I look forward to hearing everyones comments
Once I get my melee skills to 75, I will have regarding 5mil. I'm training on tortoises from the gnome stronghold since they have high hp and low attack. They're not good money, but thay've been fast xp sofar. I plan on only using melee battle (no range/mage). I was thinking about becoming barrows armour before I realised that it degrades overtime, which would mean spending a great deal of money to purchase it . If anybody has any sugestions regarding how Ican level up my three melee skills to 80 and make money, please inform me!My stats are under and have the next - I am really bad by the way - less than 1m gc Mage. Shield - farseer Helm. Rune Cross Bow & Bolts. Glory Ammy & CB Brace. Melee Drag med. Someone online has suggested I focus on getting my strength stats up to 99 and get a GW sword (beyond my way ) - any comments?

I am having difficulty deciding what 99 to go for next. At the moment I'm finishing off smithing and fletching. My WC has been close for many years but likely will not bother. I hate gaining battle levels, I have been 84 combat for over a year. I have come up with 3 ideas that will give me some combat levels in return for some epic stats. I just don't know which to go for. I am not going to do more than one choice, because that will make my combat too high.

Choice 1: Closing Combat Level: 91. Target 99(s): RC. Details: Should I choose 99 RC, ill train my Ability into 85+ first and then get 57 summoning. Experts: RC is the best imo, I will be making a lot of cash. Disadvantages: I require a lot of slow levels before I begin. Time pricey overall. Details: Pros: I have already got an epic poem at my house, I have the lender, no additional levels needed and its super fast. Cons: I am now completely useless in battle.

Choice 3: Final Combat Level: 91. Pros: No additional levels required, I must continue to be capable in battle, can manage it. Cons: I've never played soulwars? I will be forever labeled a SW product. I look forward to hearing everyones comments.

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posted Dec-21-2020 @ 05:46 by Nanling