Apart from, less or more what Lardar said:Nats through abyss.
Apart from, less or more what Lardar said:Nats through abyss. ZMI Altar. Graahking Nature runes. Alternatively, when free trade comes back we should see the rise of Air, Law and Double nature running again, so that might be a more preferable method, to just sit in [url=https://www.winrsgold.com/]RS gold[/url] the altar all day and have people bring essence to you.

I am considering camping avies soon.my stats are 73 range/80 def/60 pray. Why should I use tank method? If so what should I wear? Should I just wear my current range armour? (full armadyl, snakskin boots, zamorak blessed dhide vamps, ava's accumelatour, ammy of rangeing, rune cbow, wide bolts, god publication. The Granite shield works nicely as it has a rather high ranged defense... or should I just wear monk robes and high prayer bonus and pray all the time?

I have exlibtur to spec (or however u spell it) is there anything better? (do not say goodbye variation I don't want to spend 10m for it) Kepp that, great for recovery. I'll porbably have exbiltur, firestaff+character runes, mithril grapple, saradmoin arrow(saradomin thing ), 1 free inv space for loot or two, b2p tabs and enjoy 8 array pots and rest sharks and I will fill my terrobird with monksfishs. Should I change this? That is very great, but you'll run out of terrorbird time/inventory spaces before this it seems like, Possibly only the monks in your stock, it looks like b2p are adequate at 80 defence, however the terrorbird could not hurt I assume, play with it.

First of all I should warn you: This is a terrible way to collect charms, but if you really need any advice on it: You forgot something named SUPER ANTIPOISON. KBD can poison you and the lions... it's a terrible way for charms, and unless you've got 83+ Summoning (that you don't, it isn't very efficient. Lava titan fights and teleports you near KBD.

It's fairly profitable to kill specially with falador shield 4. Otherwise, use a terrorbird and make certain it initiates fight with all the mole every single time. What's going to occur is that the terrorbird will start to follow in the general management of the mole even if it has dug, giving you a great idea where it could be found. Also the terrorbird will let you run infinitely (together with the scrolls) which is a huge helm. If you're ranging use an overall ran installment of Dragonhide and [url=https://www.winrsgold.com/]OSRS gold For Sale[/url] some Prayer or Defence bonuses mixed in (Helm of Nietiznot such as ).

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