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Well the basic idea would be to go through randomly generated dungeons, fighting monsters, solving puzzles, and just generally using skills acquired above ground to make it to the boss. The boss will have a special mechanic that is likely to make the battle difficult or uncommon. . .once you've defeated the boss you will find a screen which shows your experience.

The storyline to this ability is that you are looking for out what's beneath the large spooky castle. Some time ago, an incredible energy sailed through runescape (it was a big real-time event, players had been lifted up briefly and also a red light shone onto everyone). Your aim is to travel to the lowest depths of the dungeons under the castle. . .all the way to ground 60...and discover the origin of the strange power.

Some quick basics for you to know now: Floor: You are able to do more flooring as your level gets higher. The lower the floor, the better your experience gained. Complexity: The amount of skills your flooring comprises. The more complicated, the more experience. Prestige: A mechanic that gives you mroe xp for carrying the flooring in order than simply doing consistent high level floors. Starting room: the room you start in with all essential facilities, some meals, and a shop with nearly everything you might need. However, it costs a bit.

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