I think that Madden 21 is very excellent
Whoever buys and plays with this game is only a MUT addict, the game is unplayable and full of bugs. Gameplay is awful.

I think that Madden 21 is very excellent. In addition, I don't buy them annually, so maybe that's why I have another opinion. I think the main issue here is their version of rolling out new games each year is simply obsolete.

They should focus on one game every five decades or so, and then update the rosters perhaps via DLC.

Additionally, I really miss NCAA soccer games... There could be new rosters every year, but the game would feel different every year. I just believe the old xbox days of pumping games out each year is getting really old for individuals now.

Why would EA launch a roster DLC when people will pay $60 for a roster DLC? You're right, of course, a brand new release schedule could be a huge advancement --If EA handled it professionally.

However, what they would inevitably do is cost $20 for new rosters, find a new method to milk MUT, and make few to no modifications differently. It would not result in a much etter game. It might just change the way players get screwed.

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posted Jan-7-2021 @ 06:17 by Mmoexp