Then you operate behind the sarcophagus
Really, with these stats, you wont become a nice team for gwd or anything, except at a mass. For barrows I highly recommend getting 70 mage and range for a RS gold black salamander. Everything you do for your melee brothers is cast ice burst, then put angled to them and mage them together with the salamander for 2 hits. Then you operate behind the sarcophagus, burst again, and repeat. Kill ahrim and karil because you normally would.

There's probably better choices for these. 30-35 at the gnome course, 35-52 at the barbarian course, 52-75 at the wilderness program. Not sure what you mean with this, but gold charms are usually the least expensive gp/exp, in addition to being the slowest exp. At your level, all you can really use is gold charms, but keep any crimson/blue charms you get as they are very good exp at higher levels. Slayer is something good to do. Herb runs and realm of miscellania provide a continuous income that actually adds up.

How should I make cash without skilling? Go into wildy, catch white berries, lender, repeat and rinse. It should be in demand because of the xp weekend coming up. Easy way to find money. As your combat raises you can opt for high end loot. Why are they in higer need?

In Barrows, while items on average could be 700k/piece or something, you're also raking in a fair bit of money from runes. My final barrows streak, I got about 6M worth in barrows equipment. Then I looked in my runes, and these were a few 2.5M. Thus you are constantly making profit, whereas with Glacors it is very easy to lose money till you buy a boot drop or enough shards for an Armadyl Battlestaff.

Your choice, I personally like Barrows because it's easier. Other gold? Really, Barrows is the sole semi-rewarding, non-mind-numbing activity that provides a fairly certain income. I advise that over most other stuff. Otherwise I'd work towards quests as buy OSRS gold much as you can.

posted Feb-18-2021 @ 01:54 by Nanlina