Common features of luxury packaging boxes
Luxury is almost a term that is difficult to define. Most people think that it is related to the quality of the product. It is not so much the quality of the product, as it is the overall feeling of the brand and the product. No matter what industry you are in. Packaging is the only way to build a "luxury" brand. If you want to position your product as a luxury, it's best to reflect it in a luxury packaging box.
Luxury goods and gift packaging boxes should generally have some common characteristics, such as:
Whether it is product scarcity or exclusivity, luxury goods should bring a special emotion to customers. These products are either difficult to buy or they are not available in time. For example, like Herm├Ęs, certain popular products need to be distributed or pre-ordered before they can be purchased. Like products, the packaging of luxury goods should also convey the characteristics of scarcity to customers. For example, use a special printing process in the packaging box or design a packaging structure with brand characteristics, packaging color matching, and so on. For example, Tiffany has brought the brand to a higher level by virtue of the unique color matching of the jewelry box.
Although many customers are willing to spend more money on luxury goods. This does not necessarily mean that you should set aside more budget for the luxury packaging box. More important than the budget, the brand should convey the value of the product and the brand through the packaging box. For example, add luxurious bronzing and embossing techniques to the packaging box.
Brand story
Every luxury brand has its own unique brand story. The brand story can not only show the background when starting a business, but also convey the concept and image for customers. If the brand wants to create an environmentally friendly and responsible image, it can work hard on the choice of materials for luxury packaging boxes. Although, paper material has always been the material of choice for environmentally friendly packaging boxes. However, ordinary paper materials are no longer enough to highlight the perfect image of the brand. Now many luxury brands not only pay attention to the types of paper materials, but also pay attention to whether the paper materials are FCS certified and whether they will have a negative impact on the earth's forests. and many more.

The positioning of luxury goods is not only about brands and products, but also should be defined from the perspective of packaging. Considering some of the common features of all the above luxury goods and their high-end packaging boxes can help your brand to better design ideas when designing packaging boxes.

posted Aug-7-2021 @ 02:25 by ALLEN KANE