Generate Guest List report
For some reason, this guest list is generating in dreamweaver application (which I don't have). Can you advise?

posted Nov-2-2010 @ 07:18 by K Jones
the Guest List, as well as the rest of the reports, are all generated in Portable Document Format (PDF).

for some reason it seems like your browser (or computer) is set to open PDF files with Dreamweaver instead of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

make sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed correctly on your machine. you can download it for free at

also, if you have changed the MIME settings in your browser, change them back to the original settings.

if that doesn't work, it might be easier to download and install one of the other browsers that are available for your operating system.

you can download Google Chrome from, or Mozilla Firefox from

posted Nov-2-2010 @ 11:53 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement