Print Floorplan A3 Size

After I've generated the floorplan, would I be able to print it to as big as A3 page fit size?


posted Dec-7-2010 @ 08:40 by Angela
hi Angela,

the floorplan will be generated in a PDF (Adobe Acrobat file) format.

once you have generate the PDF file - you can print it in the size of your liking by setting the properties in Adobe Acrobat Reader - A3 is one of the available page sizes (obviously, your printer should be able to handle that page size).

alternatively, Seating Arrangement can generate a PDF that will span over multiple pages. this way you can use standard pages and just paste or staple them together to create a larger "page".

posted Dec-7-2010 @ 16:06 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement
thanks for the prompt reply..and 1 more question..i can't seem to find the button to save the pdf file? after i click generate floorplan, a new tab will appear in my browser showing the floorplan, but there's no option for me to save the pdf....

posted Dec-7-2010 @ 20:42 by Angela
if you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, you should see a "Save" button in the PDF plugin.

the new version of Google Chrome is a little different. for the time being, try searching on google for information on something like "google chrome pdf save as"

posted Dec-7-2010 @ 22:03 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement
ok problem solved..i was using Google Chrome before...then i tried it on just fine! Thanks a lot! You've been most helpful!

posted Dec-8-2010 @ 02:09 by Angela