Seated people, deleted their table, can unseat or reseat them
I seated eight people at a table I thought I had set to eight seats but there was really ten seats. I didn't realize I could change the number of seats at the table so I deleted the table and added a new one in its place with only eight seats. However, when I deleted the table I left two people seated at it when it was deleted. Now, those people are stuck, not able to be seated anywhere else and I can't unseat them. Is it possible on the administrator's end of things to unseat these people, releasing them so I can reseat them? I would be happy to explain in better detail as well to help you understand this challenge to reduce the likelihood this can happen in the future.

Thank you!

posted Jan-4-2011 @ 18:33 by chris
Hello Chris,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am trying to figure out a solution for this, but in the mean time here's an option:

Go to Manage Guest, Edit Guest List and re-add the guest so they can be seated again.

- Kaleen

posted Jan-5-2011 @ 09:28 by Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement
Sounds good...I will use the suggestion. However, now I have a duplicate couple registered in the system which isn't the worst thing in the world because it is only one couple but I could see how that could make things confusing if I run into more troubles. I notice the little check box is grayed-out with a check in the "seated" box when I first enter the guest list manager. If this were clickable I could un-seat them from this screen if it were possible. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I could help you understand better how I got into the mess with this so you could add that to the listing of fixes.

posted Jan-12-2011 @ 12:50 by chris
Hi Chris,

We are currently working to fix this. I encountered the same problems. Thank you for your help!


posted Jan-13-2011 @ 09:44 by Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement
Looking here I see there are several people having issues with seating assignments. I can't figure out how to un-do or move someone to another table. It would also be nice to be able to see the person's name displayed for a better visual effect to share with other people involved in the planning process. Visually, it's just easier for me to see who is sitting next to or with who

posted May-1-2011 @ 16:53 by Racinrhonda