Importing Guest List
Can text delimited guest list be imported to this version of Seatting Arrangement? How?

I started my project on the desktop version. Can it be uploaded to the online software?

posted Jul-22-2010 @ 06:57 by Pat
The Import Guest List feature is almost ready and will be published in the next few days.

You will be able to import guests from the previous desktop version or from any software that can export data to a TAB delimited text file.

posted Jul-30-2010 @ 16:38 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement
You can import a TAB delimited guest list into your project.

We are currently working on a tutorial and will publish it in the next few days.

Computer savvy users should find the Import Tool easy to use.

posted Aug-4-2010 @ 11:33 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement
You can now watch a video tutorial of the Guest List Import Tool on our Tutorials page.

posted Aug-9-2010 @ 15:58 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement