Menu and address
I see there is a place to Edit Menu options but how do you use those Menu options for each guest? Also If a guest changes address how do I go in to update address. If I choose edit it only takes me to where I can input name or type a dietary issue. Where would that special diet info be, I can not see it on the Guest List

posted Jan-20-2011 @ 12:35 by Kelly
Hello Kelly,

We are currently working to add on to the Meal Options feature.

To change an address go to Manage Guests in the Task Manager, then click Edit Guest List. Go to the guest you wish to edit and be sure to move the bottom scroll bar all the way to the right.

Once you see Address, simply click where you would like to edit and type the new address. Be sure to save your updated information once you are done.


posted Jan-20-2011 @ 16:19 by Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement