floor dimension
I am trying to change the floor dimension to those of my venue & it won't let me. Can you only work with your dimension, not aloowing me to personalize this software.

posted Jan-20-2011 @ 13:42 by treed
Hello Treed,

Did you go to Floor Plan Layout in the Task Manager and select Edit Floor Plan Settings?

This should allow you to select the dimensions of your venue.


posted Jan-20-2011 @ 15:30 by Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement
Hi Kaleen,

I tried that several times and it won't accept the dimensions I enter. Also, I amtrying to make the rectangle tables fit 24 people but it won't budge after 20. Help!

posted Mar-29-2011 @ 16:26 by Mojo

What dimensions are you trying to enter?

For now you can place two tables together to seat your guest, but the max is 20.


posted Apr-4-2011 @ 08:32 by Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement