Updated Version
How can I update from the older version to the newer one? I had it on my desktop and I have entered all of the information but it is not in the new version. Does that mean I have to start all over again?

posted Mar-7-2011 @ 20:13 by Candice
The new version is not a desktop version. To get started, click Login on the right corner.

You then need to register and create an account.

The information you entered in the old version will not be transferred, so you will need to start over again.


posted Mar-8-2011 @ 15:29 by Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement
hi Candice,

you should be able to import some of the information.

if you are computer savvy and can find the project file (usually called mywedding.xml) we can help you import most of the project's data.

email us to info@seatingarrangement.com if that's the case.

posted Mar-8-2011 @ 16:32 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement