Assign Seating Not Working
Last week I did a lot of my seating assignments. Now I can't bring up Assign Seating at all to make any changes. I can print a report that shows where I put everybody (so the assignments are not lost), but on the floor plan view, only some of the pink and blue dots show up. When I try to view "seated guests properties" nothing shows up even on tables with dots. Any advice on how to get this to work again?

posted Mar-14-2011 @ 13:13 by Paige

Have you tried viewing the page as a full screen? Sometimes your project will be cut off and you can only see it in a full screen view. Let me know if this works.


posted Mar-14-2011 @ 14:17 by Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement
I was looking in full screen view.

Last week, when I clicked on Assign Seating, the list of guests would come up to the left of the floor plan and I could click them into tables. Now that list doesn't come up, and I don't see the floorplan unless I click on "design floor plan" and then click back on "assign seating". And I still cannot get the list of who is at each table when I right click to "seated guest properties". There are dots around some of the tables, but not all of the tables, even though there are people assigned to each table. (Also, the dots that actually appear are different on one computer than another.) The report is still correct and shows where I originally put everybody, but I need to change it now.

My popup blocker is off. I reinstalled flash. I tried on two different computers, but the same problem persists. Guess I might have to resort to post-it notes on posterboard. ;-)

posted Mar-16-2011 @ 13:36 by Paige
Hello Paige,

I believe I figured the problem out. One of your guest is listed as "other" in the social group. There must be a bug in the system, but if you change the guest listed as "other" to either "bride" or "groom" you will be able to assign seating.

To do that, go to Manage Guest and click Edit Guest List. Under the Primary Group, scroll down until you see your guest listed as "other" and click it.

Then click the arrow and choose either Bride or Groom. Once you are done, save your project and you will be able to assign seating!

Thank you for being patient and giving us more information to solve the problem.


posted Mar-22-2011 @ 08:38 by Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement
Thanks, Kaleen. That worked!

posted Mar-25-2011 @ 10:36 by Paige