Import Option not working
Trying to import a tab delimited file. The browse button disappears every time I click the "Import guestlist" option from my projects. Please help!

posted Apr-6-2011 @ 08:22 by Sabrena
This is happening to me too! Please help us. Thank you!

posted Apr-6-2011 @ 12:23 by Sierra at OneOC
The button disappears immedietly for me, so I cannot upload my list. I have tried in Chrome as well as IE.

posted Apr-6-2011 @ 16:25 by Brandon
Same thing happening to me

posted Apr-7-2011 @ 21:03 by Mary
it should be fine now.

please try it and let us know.

posted Apr-7-2011 @ 22:06 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement