Missing Plugin
When I open my project and go to design project it brings up a page that says missing plug-in. I have Adobe installed, what other plug-in do I need to download? Thanks!

posted Apr-29-2011 @ 08:55 by Sarah
Hello Sarah,

If you click the Support Tab on the top, you will see that the technical support minimum requirements will be listed.

Make sure they all say "OK." If there is something wrong with your setting it will say "PROBLEM."

You might not have Flash installed or Acrobat Reader. If that is the case, there is a link to download the Acrobat Reader.


posted Apr-29-2011 @ 09:44 by Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement
It says that everything is ok and I reinstalled Adobe just in case. Is there something else I need to do. Thanks for your help.

posted Apr-29-2011 @ 09:46 by Sarah
What browser are you using?

Have you tried a different browser?


posted Apr-29-2011 @ 09:58 by Kaleen @ Seating Arrangement
I've been using google chrome and have never had a problem till today.

posted Apr-29-2011 @ 10:05 by Sarah