Assigned seating for Different Sized Tables
My Fiance and I are planning our wedding ourselves. I came across this site and I'm very impressed at the tools you provide alongside the simplicity with it. However as we were seating our guests All of your 6' Table guests got seated (8/Table) But our 8' Tables that seat 10 doesn't allow us to seat them. I checked the default Seats per table and set it to 10 but it still doesn't do anything.

posted Jun-22-2011 @ 18:11 by Ernie
Problem Solved... At the beginning when I started designing the floor plan, my default table sizes were 5' round 8 seats per talbe. After adding 4 more and changing the size to 8' tables with 10 seats it wouldn't allow me because it was still in the 8 seat mode. To fix this, You have to delete the table(s) that are of different size and seating capacity and then go to Floor plan settings and change default Table size and seat number to the desired amount. Go back to floor plan edit mode and insert the new tables. This will allow you to seat guest again on tables with different amounts of seats.
... would be nice if there was an on the fly setting option for each individual table to reduce the amount of going back and forth (Future improvements perhaps?)

I'll def. recommend this site to friends :)

posted Jun-23-2011 @ 14:36 by Ernie