Floor Plan - PDF Generator Not WORKING!!!
Anyone else try to export a PDF of their floor plan (multiple times) and it shows:

Unable to connect
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at www.seatingarrangement.com:8080.

Also, every time I log back out and log in, the labels on each of my tables/items in my floor plan are off to the side and not where they were when I save them. Any suggestions? Any plans to fix this glitch?!

posted Jan-12-2012 @ 08:47 by BridalBlueprints
yeah, I'm having trouble too. This happened to me me at the beginning of December and they finally fixed it. I think they were updating the website.

posted Jan-12-2012 @ 14:54 by Donna
I'm having the same problem. IS there a solution? I KNEW this site was too good to be true!

posted Jan-14-2012 @ 17:27 by eldeejay
I've been using this site for close to a year now and generally never have a problem. I use it a lot and this is maybe the third time I've had a problem with it. I am concernend since this "episode" happened so close to the same problem in December.

posted Jan-15-2012 @ 05:42 by Donna
I am also having the same exact problem. I pray they fix it soon, the last time this happen it took them a while to fix it.I really need to get in to it ASAP!

posted Jan-16-2012 @ 04:08 by Jisenia
Is there a human behind this site who will respond or at least update all of us as to when the problem will be resolved? I'm already having to use another program and re create all the work I've done - unfortunately it's not free, but it's proving to be a much better program. Just very frustrating I'm having to waste so much time redoing the work I've already done.

posted Jan-16-2012 @ 06:46 by BridalBlueprints
I'm havimg the same problem since a week ago. I'm getting desperate. Please if someone knows how to fix it or when it gonna be fixed please let us know, we need peace not more stress!!

posted Jan-16-2012 @ 16:54 by W&W
what website are you using? I'd be willing to pay a reasonable fee for a website or software package that is stable and reliable.

posted Jan-18-2012 @ 09:47 by Donna
Same problem too!!!!

posted Jan-17-2012 @ 05:37 by Nimi
Does anyone know where the .pdf files you generate from Floor Plan are located on the site? I thought if we could find them, we could at least copy?

posted Jan-19-2012 @ 13:34 by Prom12
Almost a month later and still no fixed problem to the issue:(

posted Feb-6-2012 @ 03:57 by Jisenia