Cant assign seating
I imported guest list with 399 guests and 40 tables.
I can't assign the guests to the table.
When i click on ASSIGN SEATING, nothing happens.
Can somebody help ?
I tried this from 3 different browesers, 2 different PC's.


posted Mar-20-2012 @ 13:32 by networkguru
I am having this same issue - any advice?

posted May-15-2012 @ 05:10 by Sarah
Hi donĀ“t know if you solved it by now, I had that too but did not notice that after clicking asign if you hoover over the table the inner circle changes to read than click and your guests are seated you see the different coloured dots for the different groups they are referred to and you can see who is sitting on the tables too, hope that helped

posted May-23-2012 @ 14:46 by Kirsten
Did anyone solve this issue beacause I have tried 3 diff computers,still NOTHING happens when i try to assign seating....WEDDING IN 3 DAYS HELP PLEASE

posted Apr-24-2013 @ 10:25 by Eugene and Velvet