Cant Generate Guest Place Cards
Does anyone know why my system will not generate the place cards? I am trying to do this as my wedding is 9 days away, let me know!

posted Aug-25-2010 @ 19:12 by Jon
Thats one thing that I don't like about this service. We as event planners can't have thisi problem when it gets close to a event

posted Aug-26-2010 @ 12:33 by Lorna Marshall
dear Lorna,

this software is still in beta, which means that we are working on cleaning out all of the bugs.

while we appreciate your feedback and welcome beta users, we do not recommend using beta software for "real" projects.

posted Aug-31-2010 @ 20:00 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement
there are a couple of bugs with printing the place cards and the RSVP cards.

we are working on it and hope to resolve it soon.

posted Aug-30-2010 @ 16:48 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement
we are working on a new Place Card printout and I hope to publish it in the next 48 hours.

I hope it's in time for your event. I apologize for the inconvenience.

posted Aug-31-2010 @ 20:03 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement
There is a new way to generate the Place Cards.

please use the link from the "My Projects" page to generate the Place Cards and not the one from the Flash application.

posted Sep-1-2010 @ 16:40 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement