importing guest list
I am unable to import the guest list. I am unable to get anything to show for the tutorials but large empty boxes - I have tried various browsers. I have checked that pop up is enabled. I still only get a read-only option for the guest list. the first time it allowed all 91 to be uploaded even though wrong and even though read-only. i ended up deleting that event and creating it again, still only read only and only 16 of 91 were uploaded from the same list. i finally deleted both events (the other one was just sitting there ready to go when the guest list was ready) and began again. is anyone else able to use this software as of 02 06 2013? is it now a paid software? can anyone help, i'm tasked with tracking an event i did not plan on and this was going to help me do two events with the rsvp overlap timeframe and now i cannot use it. thank you for your input and help! denise

posted Feb-6-2013 @ 06:26 by Denise W
I am having a similar problem. Did you get a response? I click on the "import guest list" button but nothing happens.

posted Mar-22-2013 @ 10:51 by angie