Seating Arrangement
Hi,I really hope you continue to develop this app as it has tremendous potential. (Software Project Manager). In any event, one feature that would be very helpful is the ability to customize the individual seating plan of each table. The global settings are work great especially in the case of round tables, however in the case of square / rectangle tables where you may want to place them end to end, it is currently not possible to force seats along one side or the other (specifically for head table scenarios), or exclude an end seat. It would be great to have the options of adjusting the specific seating plan of the individual table if required. additionally a secondary feature would be to be able to adjust the fixed seating space, in the event that 12" does not work. If i'm wrong about these features not being available please let me know.

posted Nov-2-2013 @ 11:57 by Fortmacjack