Generating floor plans
I can no longer generate a floor plan and save it as a PDF file. Can anyone help?????

posted Nov-22-2013 @ 10:35 by Donna
I am having the same problem. I do not see a response here on how to fix it. Did you get an answer?

posted May-15-2014 @ 10:52 by Jessica
no, it seems that you never get an answer. in the past those problems have eventually been fixed but that doesn't seem to be happening anymore.

posted May-20-2014 @ 15:17 by Donna
Ugh I'm having the same problem! Has anyone found other free software to use if this isn't going to work?

posted May-21-2014 @ 16:33 by Kelley
I have not found anything else like this. I have used this website for years and loved it and referred my brides to it...

posted Jun-3-2014 @ 15:03 by Donna since this one is obviously not fixing their problems or responding.

posted Jun-4-2014 @ 11:20 by Jessica
I'm having the same problem! Help! Is anyone out there????

posted May-25-2014 @ 22:55 by Shaunna
I've been having the same problem the last 2 days. I haven't used the system in awhile, but it used to generate a report by creating a pdf. I would have to go into my temporary folder on my computer, open the pdf and print. Then save it to my client folder. Now it's not creating the pdf at all; it just says it is. And no one seems to be answering our questions.

posted May-30-2014 @ 12:36 by Renee
Yes, I am having the same exact problem. It's really frustrating....

posted Jun-10-2014 @ 10:44 by Corina