Print Report
When I generate a report, it says it is creating the PDF file but then nothing happens. How can we make this work? Such a valuable tool and I can't use it!!! :/

posted Apr-27-2015 @ 08:07 by Letishia
I'm having the problem too!!! It's so frustrating. I tried opening different internet browsers and that seemed to work sometimes. Now it won't work at all.

posted Apr-27-2015 @ 09:59 by G & K Rental
Facing same issue here... :(

posted May-22-2015 @ 11:35 by J
Me too. Very frustrating. I've tried multiple browsers and confirmed the problem is not related to pop-up settings. The last time I used this program, I had the same problem in one internet browser but not the other. Now it's happening in both browsers so I can't generate the floor plan report and share it with my event planning team. Definitely makes this program worthless - not worth the effort to create a floor plan if I can't print it out to share and use at the event. Guess I'll go back to dependable graph paper and pencil!

posted May-28-2015 @ 23:25 by Beth
Having the same problem
Did anyone figure out a solution?
posted Jun-5-2015 @ 09:26 by Cindy
Same exact issue. Any chance this will be addressed soon? Otherwise this tool will not be useful for my needs.

posted Jun-12-2015 @ 12:54 by Natalie