Error - cannot open project
While opening my project, the following error occurred:

Error #1088, TypeError: Error #1088 null

I created a new test project and this one opens fine. Please help me.

posted Dec-30-2015 @ 11:49 by Moe
I am having the same problem too! And my event is just a few weeks to go.

I hope it can be fixed very soon

posted Jan-5-2016 @ 03:18 by Planner
I think, the forum (and the whole site) is actually dead. There seems to be no support or anything at all.

posted Jan-5-2016 @ 12:14 by Moe
I think you are right. I sent an email to their and it came back undeliverable.

posted Jan-6-2016 @ 00:09 by Planner
Same here, my wedding is comming up shortly and i have all info on here.

posted Jan-6-2016 @ 00:17 by dwayne
Was this ever resolved? I am getting the same error message :-( and lost everything.

posted Feb-24-2016 @ 19:56 by LIZ