Any other good floor plan sites?
Anyone know any other sites or programs that are good for making floor plans? It seems the creators of this site have abandoned it about 5 years ago from what I can see in this forum. Very frustrating!

posted Feb-8-2017 @ 21:36 by Jen
Try All Seated..... I started using it because I could not get this site to come up. Today is the first time in over 2 weeks that I could actually get this website to load successfully. All Seated is working very nicely. I have used this website for many years and have learned how to work around it's limitations but to not be able to access my floor plans for over 2 weeks is unacceptable.

posted Feb-27-2017 @ 12:48 by Donna
Thank you so much!! All Seated works great. Way better than this site.

posted Mar-3-2017 @ 19:02 by Jen