7.3 PVP Glorious Tyranny Illusion Concerns

However, the next expansion blizzard decided to change the requirements for getting it, which stated you needed 2400 in 3s or rbgs in order to unlock the enchant for your wardrobe. I'm sure no one could of predicted that. I even have it on my old level 90 weapons. In one season in MoP duelist titles were 2k!! and i achieved way over that during the expansion. (2402) I have the enchant and achievement earned in mop on my monk and also have the statistics for it. I already find it unfair enough that there are 2k rated people running around with the glorious tyranny enchant, in which they were not qualified to earn specifically in MoP. (2200)+

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posted May-11-2018 @ 04:58 by joejonsme