Previous version
I have the entire guest list on the previous version. When I go on this version says I have no projects. How do I transfer it over?

posted Sep-27-2010 @ 18:22 by Lo
in the old, desktop version, click on File and choose Export > Guest List.

save the exported data to a file and remember which folder you saved it to.

then come back to our site, go to the My Projects page and create a new Project.

then in the My Projects page, choose Import Guest List for the newly created project.

when you are prompted to Choose a Data File, point to the folder to which you saved the exported data and choose the guest list file.

go through the process of importing the guest list and by the end of the process you should have all of your guests in the new online project.

posted Sep-27-2010 @ 18:53 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement
How can I access the old version if I don't have the computer I was using at the time?

posted Sep-29-2010 @ 16:49 by Lo
you can not.

the old version kept all of the data locally on the computer on which it was installed. the only way to get the information is from that old computer.

posted Sep-29-2010 @ 17:56 by Jay @ Seating Arrangement