MP3 Kiosk Software suitable for a wedding?

I'm on the lookout for an mp3 jukebox application (windows or linux) that will allow the guests at my wedding to queue songs into the active playlist. The active playlist will feature a pool of songs pre-determined by me and the missus, however I'd like to allow the guests to search for a song, and have it play next. Obviously there needs to be a function to drop songs after they are played so there is no double ups, a reasonably easy to use interface - and hopefully stable. Anyone know of a player like this that would do the job? - I'd probably like some security in there too, so tipsy guests can't accidentally close the program etc. I've had a nosy around sourceforge but couldn't find a program that seemed to fit the bill.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

posted Jul-12-2018 @ 10:09 by doxamajog