How many of y'all have been to destination weddings??

With the costs of having a wedding in Chicago quickly mounting, combined with the fact the pastor of the church my fiancee wants to get married in is a complete fucktard, the idea of a destination wedding has been tossed out there...specifically, Disney World. Why there? Well, we're dorks. Giant Overgrown kids. We go every year and we actually got engaged while eating dinner at Cinderella's Castle. So, while she's going goo-goo over all the possibilities, I figured I'd take the other approach and worry about the guest side of the equation.

How many of y'all have been to destination weddings or had them yourself? What were your feelings about the whole experience? Good/Would attend again? Giant pain in the ass? What exactly are the accepted protocols/procedures for invitations and a reception back at home after the honeymoon?
Please help.

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posted Jul-21-2018 @ 12:10 by spadekevin